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27 March 2017

When it comes to natural bedding products, we are the only certified supplier that can provide 100% organic cotton and wool mattresses for your simply confortable sleep.

Omni is a bedding manufacturer based in Braybrook,Victoria. Since 1988, the company has been the biggest futon supplier in Australia and a dominant manufacturer in the industry. In today’s developing market, Omni strive to provide consumers with a more traditional and natural product. The new range is produced from the highest quality, natural ingredients, to create a mattress that is not only affordable but also benefits your health and the environment. Omni produce only the highest quality, 100% Australian cotton available, which is used in all their products, including Australia ’s first and only certified organic mattress. Omni prides itself on industry experience and superior craftsmanship.

Featured Products

Natru Beds > Modern
Red Mahogany
Price: $395

Natru Beds > Modern
Modern 1
Price: $250

Natru Beds > Leather
Leather 2
Price: $250

Natru Beds > Sofa
Sofa 1
Price: $150

Matresses > Futons
Futons 2
Price: $0

Accessories > Pilows & Bolster
Bolster 2
Price: $0


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